3D Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality realistically overlays virtual objects in a 3D or 2D image sequence. It applies to visual and proprioceptive perceptions (tactile or auditory perception). Its applications are numerous, ranging from gaming, education, film TV or even medical. Widely used in the field of E-commerce, it is also used for real time testing of virtual experiments.


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  • Print : interactive materials, augmented book cover, ...
  • Edition : interactive book, additional content ...
  • Music : interactive bonus, 3D animated jukebox, songs activation ...
  • Advertising : flyers, events, interactive campaigns, packaging
  • Entertainment : video games, immersive virtual show ...
  • Cultural Heritage : 3D buildings and Sites rendering, viewing and guided tours, ...
  • Industry : conception, design, maintenance, assembly, robotics, ...
  • E-commerce : display a product in an environment, virtual cabins fittings, ...
  • Tourism : Improve visitor experience with related content
  • Kitchen : measurements, modelization, ...



  • Assisting with decision-making process inside a purchasing act
  • Enriching content (multimedia, links, applications, etc.)
  • Communicating with increased interactivity
  • Boosting outlets
  • Creating virtual points of sale
  • Provide quick and efficient customer service
  • Acquiring and retaining new customers
  • Increasing impact of your advertising campaigns

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