3D Configurator

You wish to gain a powerful tool to help you boost sales? You want to offer an interactive and customized catalogue of your products?

Choose you 3D configurator application!

No matter if you want to design a mobile/tablet app, create a dynamic presentation of your catalogue on a PC or Mac, or simply enrich your website, Virdys offers you all of its expertise in order to assist you in a creation of your own, personal 3D configurator app, customized for your needs and goals.

With this simple and effective solution, designed to improve,  personalize and  visualize a product in all it' shapes, users can freely configure your product by choosing from many personalized options and set rules. We shape or optimize your objects in 3D to make them look as close to reality as possible. Users are free to let  their imagination run free while discovering all the possible versions of your products in the real time: color changes, texture modification, different points of view...

An overview of possible options:

  • 360° visualization, 360° rotation, zoom
  • Integrating the product into your client's real life environment
  • User's account with an option to save any changes you may have made
  • Cost estimation program
  • Possibilities of on-line payment
  • Email with all the information (estimated costs, photos, previews...)
  • Contact sheet with online links related to your company (social media, website, Youtube channel)
  • App's statistic report
  • ...

Learn the ways 3D Configurators can improve your business


Health / Laboratories


  • Dynamic, intuitive and groundbreaking sales support

  • New user experience

  • Real time product configuration

  • Flexible and evolving app

  • Available 24 / 7


  • Interactive and attractive display of your products

  • Encouragement of the act of purchase, greater client involvement, stronger image of your brand

  • Excellent promotional and differentiation tool

  • with them a relationship of trust. You gain in credibility.

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