Augmented Reality

You dream of bringing to life any medium you want: an image, textile, an object? Choose augmented reality !

Augmented Reality  is accessible to anyone owning a smartphone or a tablet and it is quickly becoming a part of everyday life. Its playful aspect seduces the wide audience and AR applications develop in all domains.

Virdys offers you its expertise in order to advise you and to create an AR app adapted to your particular needs. Our feedback, both in the matter of ROI (return of investment) and practice, allows us to give you advice adjusted effectively to your expectations.

A well designed app, easy to use, is the key to your success!

Augmented Reality requires the use of a device with a build-in camera: a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, Google Glass. You just open the app and point the camera on the object of your choice and you will see 3D interactive animations appear directly on your screen.

Augmented Reality is therefore a filming technique allowing you to overlay 3D animations on the real world. It has a power to enrich the reality with infinitive possibilities and therefore to answer your needs in the field of marketing, sales support and industry.

Learn the ways Augmented Reality can improve your business

Communities and Institutions

Mass market brands

Urban planning and Real Estate

Health and Laboratory

Tourism & culture



This technology in full growth seduces and attracts attention by offering new user experiences. Do you want to create buzz, to train, to inform, to assist or to communicate? A.R. is an amazing tool to have at your side!

You can use it in numerous ways and it has proven it's effectiveness in various fields. Augmented reality is engaging. It's useful because it's practical and instructive. And, in addition, it's adjustable to anything, anywhere. To learn more about the technical side of AR feel free to read our article. 

It's a wonderful tool: it offers you vast opportunities and helps to create a strong customer relationship.  It's an original and innovative communication method.


 Promotional tool:

  • Offers new user experiences to your customers
  • Introduces your communication media and packaging in a new, dynamic way
  • Offers a fun, creative, attractive and interactive communication method

Commercial tool:

  • Exposes and contextualizes your products, allowing you to boost the sales
  • Strengthens the image of your brand and your notoriety on the market
  • Increases purchase intention of your customers

Industrial tool:

  • Assists technicians in their work (intelligent tutoring system )
  • Allows to gain time and to increase efficiency in the domain of maintenance, security and other industrial processes

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