Corporate and Human Resources management

Corporate et politique RH digitale

Vidrys offers the use of 3D technology in order to improve your internal communication as well as your human resources management. Those innovative tools will allow the public to discover your company, and the services it proposes, in a new, interactive way. Send a modern image of your company into the world and make your internal communication easier.

You are

The head of human resources department, in charge of training, responsible for internal communication, you're responsible for the information system in your company.

You want to communicate better with your employees, send messages in a clear, fun and interactive way. You're looking for a modern manner to integrate new workers and to allow them an easy access to all important information.

You want to

  • Make the process of integration of your employees fun and entertaining
  • Improve your internal communication
  • Facilitate access to information
  • Gather all of your sources of information in one digital and interactive program
  • Offer virtual visits of your services or sites
  • Upgrade your circuit of integration and training
  • Gain time and minimize the cost

Discover new ways to approach integration, reception and access to information and training through our 3D solutions

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