Marketing : virtual reality, real asset! Trend 2016 #VR

Oculus #VR


Virtual Reality is an immersive, digital simulation of images and sounds of real or imaginary surroundings. It allows a total immersion and interaction with a world recreated digitally. Once difficult to access and expensive, virtual reality democratizes itself and is becoming today an undeniable marketing asset for your company.

The predictions are that the first phase of transition towards virtual reality will spread from 2016 to 2020. According to the estimation by a consulting firm Digi Capital, published in the spring of 2015, the global market of the Virtual Reality should reach 30 billion of dollars in 2020.

A powerful marketing tool!

Create a buzz, attract, retain, convince: virtual reality improves strategies of communication. Companies which will integrate those immersive tools to their marketing campaigns will benefit from immediate advantages over their competition. Indeed, virtual reality has a powerful impact on the purchasing process. It proves to be much more efficient than most the classical marketing campaigns since the experience it offers is useful and entertaining. The experience is characterized by an immersion into the universe of the brand, bigger renown and a higher interaction with the consumers.

The advantages of Virtual Reality for your business

Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard, virtual reality headsets begin to be used in shops and offer an unforgettable experience for the clients. They allow to reinvent sale points, to create a customer engagement, and to boost the act of purchase. Applications are multiplying for wide public usages (sightseeing tours, discoveries, virtual trips, apps helping with the experience of relaxation and rest, fitting rooms at home for those using online stores…) as well as in the logic of B2B (professional training on machines, guided interventions on the field, collaborative work, assisted shared conception of products, medical care for the treatment of phobias, event management, professional trade shows, promotional campaigns etc…)


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