Discover Exaprint’s Virtual 3D Showroom

Officially unveiled at the last Salon C! Print, 3D virtual showroom Exaprint was immediately a success! Some have had the chance to discover through the Oculus Rift, and living a real virtual experience. Now the showroom is accessible from your computer via the website of Exaprint!


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Configurateur 3D de véhicules utilitaires Kleuster

Présentation de Kleuster

KLEUSTER, une vision nouvelle de l’ÉLECTRO-MOBILITÉ URBAINE. KLEUSTER constitue un pôle de compétences “Made in France” à travers des partenaires de qualité, entrepreneurs et industriels de l’arc alpin. Des concepts innovants alliant design et nouvelles technologies au cœur de la ville durable : FREEGÔNES by KLEUSTER, l’utilitaire exemplaire, permet de s’inscrire dans les nouvelles réglementations environnementales des acteurs en mobilité urbaine. (

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Interactive 3D showroom by Virdys

Interactive 3D showroom by Virdys

Visit the last interactive 3D showroom by Virdys  ! We design your virtual interactive showroom on demand to showcase your organisation and products. Offer your customers an unforgetable immersive experience ! More information : – Online Demo

Downloads :

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Easy Sim 3d : The First web application for an ultra fast reconstitution of your events !

When Breaking News Makes Sens !

The First web application for an ultra fast  reconstitution of your events !


Easy Sim 3D is a fast and easy to use web application for creating real-time 3D animation sequences and shooting them from all angles. Create your immersive video in no time! Easy Sim 3D can illustrate and enrich any news segment. Design simulations an in-depth understanding of the most complex informations. Create your stories and news using an attractive visual simulation that everyone can understand in the blink of an eye!

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Discover Languedoc-Roussillon’s heritage

Découvrez le patrimoine du languedoc roussillon en 3D et en réalité augmentée

Discover the heritage of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, the history of Antigone district and Hotel de Region in Montpellier through a fun and educational application. Games, augmented reality, 3D environment, 360 ° panorama and unpublished documents allow you to explore the region's heritage in an original and attractive way. This application was designed by the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage of the Languedoc-Roussillon region for the 2014 European Days of Heritage and will allow you to prepare or deepen your visit.

Découverte du patrimoine du Languedoc-Roussillon sur Android (google play store)
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Start-up of the day: Virdys enables creating 3D environments without being an “expert”

As part of Frenchweb Tour Montpellier 2014, our coverage devoted to the digital ecosystem of the region, Frenchweb met with Virdys, a start-up located in Montpellier, which publishes software for creating 3D environments.

[Short Pitch] Virdys by FrenchWeb

Title: The start-up of the day: Virdys enables creating 3D environments without being an “expert

Source: Olivier Harmant

Link to article:
Date: March 20, 2014



Advergame: Gold Rush Virdy’z download it on iTunes & Play!


Demo Advergame

Supported on all platforms (web, social, mobile, tablets, consoles), “VIRDY’Z GOLD RUSH” is fully customizable to promote your brand, your products, services and events. Its fun and addictive universe affects a very wide audience of casual and hard core gamers and is a powerful advertising tool to immerse and unify your audience around your brand increase purchase intent andmemberships. In addition, your advertising message will have an increased exposure and maximum memorisation. Try it Asap!


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Augmented Reality Demo

Démo Réalité Augmentée

Augmented Reality Demo

Discover Augmented Reality using a 3D virtual space designed by Virdys! Create excitement around your printed material (cover, book, sales brochure, advertising insert, packaging, promotional goodies, business card, etc …) by make it interactive!! It allows you to increase the impact of your advertising campaigns, gain new customers and boost your sales! Now your advertising medium will not be consigned to oblivion with other ordinary printed but it will become a real interactive sales tool to facilitate the acquisition and retention of your new customers!

More information about Augmented Reality


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