Security and Risk Management

Security and Risk Management Virdys

3D technology allows you to visualize the security stakes and to understand possible risks to a greater degree. Indeed, those new ways of communication facilitate the transmission of information by explaining complex situations and procedures in a simple and precise way.

You are

Responsible for the prevention of risks, a COO, a human resources manager, a quality manager. You're responsible for the application of security procedures and for the transmission of proper work behavior. You would like to be efficient in your tasks of raising the awareness of your co-workers in the matters of security and risk prevention.

You want to

  • Explain the rules, procedures and risk prevention in an entertaining and attractive way
  • Train and inform about risk prevention and security procedures
  • Ensure the security of your employees
  • Get a better understanding of possible dangerous situations
  • Confront your co-workers with emergencies (role-play)
  • Teach your employees an appropriate behavior in case of an emergency scenario
  • Gain a better understanding of your more dangerous equipment
  • Increase your productivity and minimize the cost (work accidents)
  • Motivate, appreciate and empower your co-workers

Find a new way of explaining security and risk prevention thanks to our interactive and immersive 3D solutions



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