Virtual reality

Imagine yourself transported into another dimension in mere seconds. You put on a headset and you become a part of another world: virtual reality!

Virdys brings this technology to you, creating customized 3D apps for headsets,  smartphones, Pc, Mac, tablets, ios and android.

We are capable of creating 3D apps suitable for all devices available on the market.

According to your desires we can also integrate real elements - photos or 360° videos - to your virtual adventure and make the experience seem even more real.

With the virtual reality (also known as VR) its users forget about everything that surrounds them. They live a powerful experience, very close to reality. A headset (integrated with their smartphone) offers them a 360° vision of their 3D environment  and allows a total immersion in the interactive universe. Moreover, the VR users  are active actors, they can move freely in the virtual world and interact with its content.

To go even further, various accessories can be attached, for example  Gamepad, Kinect or Leap motion

Different media and various accessories customized especially for you and your brand – like  cardboards - are already out on the market, available for reasonable prices. Others are to come!

Learn the ways Virtual Reality can improve your business

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Event management

Mass market brands

Health and laboratories

Communities and institutions


Virtual reality market (VR) is gaining a new dynamic. It's due not only to the appearance of the latest, advanced versions of some flagship products but also to the arrival of new „heavy weight” players, like Samsung, Oculus, Google Glass, Cardboard

Once expensive and reserved for gamers, this technology gains today a new potential of developement. 

VR market is in full expansion and democratizes itself in all the aeras! Immersive and experential, this technology can be a true partner in the developement of new promotional tools, in the proces of generating interest in your company, of seduicing and convincing new customers. Virtual Reality gives you a true oportunity to distinguish yourself from your competition and can be a powerful ally in you marketing strategies.

 "Avec la réalité virtuelle l’'impact émotionnel est mille fois supérieur à un film" via @Lexpress


You upgrade creatively your communication methods. More so, you grab attention and give a real impact to the message that you wish to send.

Distinguish yourself from your competition: new user experieces will create a positive image of your brand in the eyes of your client.

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