Who are we

Virdys - 3D multi - media application and software publisher - develops 3D solutions in the areas of Communication, Promotion and Sales support. It is based in Montpellier, with a strong presence in Paris and Lyon. We distinguish ourselves by our capacity to use the forefront 3D technologies for the benefit of marketing, commercial and industrial strategies. Our team offers you all of its expertise in order to help you succeed in your project.

We combine evaluation, counseling, storyboarding, 2/3D iconography and technological innovation. Our feedback, both in the matter of ROI (return of investment) and practice, allows us to give you advice adapted effectively to your expectations.

The origins

The idea of Virdys was born in 2008 when we realized that the market lacked professional tools capable of quickly generating animated, changeable, 3D environments. This realization led us on a quest to develop the appropriate technology, a quest which we pursued in a close collaboration with the engineers from the l'école des Mines.

After 3 years of research and growth we created software modules ready to be used in the fields of communication, promotion, sale support and industry. It is therefore in 2012 that Virdys (Virtual Dynamic Simulation) was created. Today we are known for our expertise and customer care. We do not add our offer to  the existing market. We helped creating it.

Our mission

  • Make 3D visible and democratize it's use.

  • We work with clients of all sizes and all types which gives us great stability and strengthen our expertise.

Nos valeurs

  • Strong innovation politics
  • High quality requirement
  • Customized services

Une structure solide et récompensée

Prix de l'innovation 2012
Idate Digiworld
Prix de la communication
Connect’Sud 2013
Prix de l’innovation Marketing
Connect’Sud 2014
Prix de l’innovation de l’outil commercial
Connect’Sud 2015




They trust in us

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