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A team of experts to develop or support you in the creation of your 3D / AR / VR / MR contents and applications.

Virdys Studio puts its know-how at your disposal for the creation of custom 3D / VR / AR / MR contents and applications for any type of support (PC / Mac, Web, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality). Our team is at your disposal to advise you and design the tools that will best meet your needs.

vidéo promotionnelle animation 3D

3D / 360° videos


Immersive learning

applications 3D réalité virtuelle réalité augmentée réalité mixte

3D / AR / VR / MR applications

Vidéos 3D / 360°

Need to enhance your business ? Promotional videos are today essential axis of marketing action for a brand or a company, it helps to create an image, a memory for the viewer and the future user.

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your training? Interactive 3D videos promotes motivation, cognitive engagement and autonomy for your learners.

Do you want to highlight security issues and understand the risks involved? 3D makes it possible to explain complex situations or procedures in a simple and concrete way and thus reduce the risk of accidents.

For your promotional films, assembly instructions or training materials, our team supports you in the implementation of your immersive content strategy.

Immersive learning

Training evolves, trainers must adapt and be equipped with tools for creating effective educational content to transmit, learn, improve and succeed. Virdys Studio develops or supports you in the design of interactive, immersive and collaborative e-learning modulesadapted to the educational objectives of your learners.


Theorical classes

Design of didactic and interactive contents (
3D / 360 ° videos) to improve attention and encourage your learners’ memorization and help them to train more easily.


Quizes / 360 ° interactive videos

Quizes and interactive videos design to test your learners.


VR Serious Games

Test your learners’ skills with immersive simulations. Virdys Studio supports you in the realization of your tactical or haptic VR Serious Games.

Need some help for your training project?

3D applications

Virdys puts its know-how at your disposal to develop custom solutions adapted to your needs. Our team brings you all of its expertise to support you in the success of your projects. We combine auditing, consulting, storyboarding, 2D / 3D computer graphics and technological innovation. Our feedback, both in terms of ROI (return on investment) and usage, allows us to advise you effectively according to the expected objectives. Innovate, enhance, we are here to bring your ideas to life.

3D Configuration

Do you want to get a powerful sales aid tool and offer your customers an interactive and customizable catalog of your products? Choose your 3D configurator application! Virdys puts all its expertise at your disposal to support you in the creation of your 3D configurator application adapted to your needs and objectives, whether you want to create a mobile / tablet application or have a dynamic presentation of your product catalog (on your PC or Mac, or even enrich your website). With this powerful and very easy-to-use solution, designed to modify, personalize and view a product in all its forms, the user is thus able to configure your product by choosing from the options and established customization rules.

Features overview:

  • 360 ° product visualization
  • Integration of the product into a real environment
  • User account with backup of configurations
  • Quote generation module
  • Online payment module
  • Export and send by email (quotes, renderings, photos, etc.)
  • Contact form and links for your company (website, social networks)
  • Application statistics report


  • Innovative sales support tool available 24/7
  • Enhancing your products interactively
  • Favored purchase act, enhanced customer engagement and brand image
  • Excellent promotional and differentiating tool
  • Powerful presentation and sales support tool
  • High ROI solution
  • Save time in your sales cycles, boost

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Augmented Reality

Dreaming about giving life to any medium, image, textiles or objects? Then opt for Augmented Reality! Virdys provides its expertise to advise you and create the Augmented Reality application that best meets your needs. A well-designed and easy-to-use application is the key to success! Augmented Reality requires the use of a device with integrated camera: smartphone, tablet, computer, glasses connected… just open the application and point the camera at the dedicated object, to see appear on the screen 3D objects and animations of all kinds with which you can interact. Augmented Reality has the power to enrich reality with endless possibilities and meets various needs: marketing, commercial and industrial.


Promotional tool

  • Offer a new user experience to your audience.
  • Present packagings in a dynamic way.
  • Innovative, fun, attractive and interactive means of communication!

Commercial tool

  • Contextualize and stage your products to boost sales.
  • Strengthen your brand image and your reputation on the market.
  • Increase the purchasing intention of your customers.

Industrial tool

  • Assist technicians with their work (intelligent tutor)
  • Bring savings in time and efficiency in maintenance, security or process.

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Virtual Reality

Imagine being transported to another world in a few seconds, you put a helmet on your head and you are totally immersed in another dimension: Virtual Reality! Completely immersive and experiential, Virtual Reality becomes a considerable ally when it comes to developing new promotional tools and arousing interest, seducing or even convincing.


  • Town planning and real estate
  • Tourism industries
  • Education Events
  • Consumer brand
  • Health and laboratories
  • Communities and institutions

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Mixed Reality

Harness the full potential of Mixed Reality on Hololens with Virdys. Offer your employees solutions that enable them to learn, communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Benefits :

  • Work together, wherever you are
  • Train your employees through practice
  • Develop and share your virtual spaces
  • Customize and present your products

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