3D On Demand

Virdys ™ provides 3D on Demand services for any company that wants to develop custom interactive 3D applications. Our developments are based on three uses.

3D Configurators

3D configurators (available on the web, tablet or smartphone) allow:
Consumers to see your personalized products in real situations
The issue of a real-time quote based on the standard dimensions proposed in your catalog, based on your tariffs (local or centralized) and the state of your stocks.
Real time integration of the quote or order in the CRM / GPAO of your company

Virtual Showrooms

Our interactive showrooms develop the advantages or your products or your benefits through total immersion in your universe. Your clients will virtually move inside your space, by activating the content that you make available (videos, presentations, brochures, interactive object manipulation). The act of purchase is facilitated, with the virtual showroom being:
Our interactive showrooms value the benefits of your products or services through total immersion in your universe. Your customers will virtually move within your space, enabling content that you make available to them. The move to the act of purchase is facilitated, the virtual showroom being …
A new way to project in the product world
A new way to reinforce the interest of your client.
In the specific framework of your call for tenders, the showroom highlights the key points of your proposal.

Applications of Augmented Reality

Dream of bringing to life any medium you want: an image, an object or even packaging or a point-of-sales display? Whether it is to create buzz, promote, inform, assist or communicate: Choose your augmented reality app!

Augmented Reality is accessible to anyone owning a smartphone or tablet and is quickly becoming a part of everyday life. Its playful and entertaining aspects appeal to audiences and AR applications are being developed in all sectors.

You can find several examples of applications on our YouTube channels.