Interactive 3D animation video, a new tool serving Defense and Security

An increasingly complexe
and constrained intervention framework

Briefing / debriefing, “Return-to-Experience”, acquisition of gestures and procedures, operating procedures, training, assembly / dismantling operations … The theaters of operation on which you work are extremely varied. Under intense stress, your men are forced to implement equipment that is increasingly complex and costly, with employment doctrines depending on the nature of each operation. Asymmetric power relations and global media pressure do not allow for any errors.

a tool at the heart of your training policy

The time, manpower, technical and financial investments needed to maintain a level of training authorizing actual operations is very cumbersome. Simulation allows intensive training, similar to the real situation, at a reasonable cost.

Our solutions adapted to your constraints

To help you, Virdys™ has created solutions adapted to your constraints. Thanks to our Easy Sim 3D (ES3D) software, you can create immersive and interactive 360° training videos, favorizing acquisition of standard gestures and procedures, according to multiple scenarios and theaters of operation…

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Visually explain your operations and plans


Enhance your training tools


Easily convey procedures to be followed


Accelerate learning with 3D videos