Virdys Animate

3D immersive content creator

Quickly create all types of environments, 3D animations and 360 ° / VR videos to enhance your communication and immersive training materials with ease!

Virdys Animate

Create your 3D content quickly and easily!

Virdys Animate is an easy-to-use 3D creation and animation tool that allows you to quickly create immersive 3D content for your communication and training materials. Do you want to reconstruct an event ? Create a product presentation video or training support ? To raise awareness and train your teams in an innovative and immersive way without requiring professional skills or complex software tools ? Virdys Animate opens the doors to creating 3D animation videos and real-time VR content (environments, animations) independently.


Realtime 3D pictures and videos (standard and / or 360 °)


3D environments for PC / Mac and VR


Industrial (dis) assembly exercises


VR training exercises

What uses?

3D serving industry

virdys animate formation immersive industrie 3d vr

Do you need innovative supports for your products presentation? Do you want to put your customers or your employees in a situation and efficiently value a complex manufacturing process? Need to raise awareness and train your teams safely?

Virdys Animate is the scenario creation and visualization solution allowing you to respond, through 3D 360° animation, to all of your technical, commercial and educational communication needs.

3D serving defense

virdys animate defense securite 3d vr

Defense is undergoing significant technological developments. To adapt, military staff must also evolve along with their environment. In order to optimize the efficiency of your field operations, as well as training and training expenses, 3D immersion is the best support possible: it allows you to reconstruct and demonstrate the operational interest of your tactical choices or techniques, to communicate and to facilitate decision-making at a lower cost and this in an immersive and totally secure virtual environment.

3D serving the media

virdys animate 3d media reconstution vr

Very popular with the media, 3D animation has become a universal communication vector for everyone. It facilitates the understanding of the most complex messages and reconstructs your events in an attractive and immersive way. If previously creating 3D content required complex, expensive technical and human resources, and imposed too long production times, now, Virdys Animate frees you from all these constraints and opens the doors to the quick and easy creation of your 360 ° 3D content!

How does it work ?

animate 3D éditeur topologie géolocalisation

NEW: Import of geolocated areas

This tool allows you to reproduce a city or a district from an address or longitude / latitude coordinates . You can configure your options for topography, buildings, road infrastructure, urban furniture and vegetation. The generated environments are editable and customizable at will.

virdys Animate export environnement 3D vers virdys collaborate VR

NEW: Export to Virdys Collaborate

You can create and export your 3D environments, your animations and your teleportation markers to broadcast them and share them in collaborative VR with Virdys Collaborate . This new feature allows you to live an even more immersive and interactive experience than with 360 ° videos.

Virdys Animate bibliothèque objets 3D assets VFX

3D resource libraries

Over 6,500 objects, special effects and gestures are included in the libraries. Drag and drop these resources into your scene and manage the animation with the timeline.

import d'objets assets 3D

Importe 3D objects

A third-party importer allows you to add your own 3D objects (IFC, FBX, OBJ, STL, DAE, 3DS, ES3DBUNDLE formats) and textures (PNG, JPG, TGA) to your personal library.

Export de vidéos classique ou 360° VR

Export standard or 360 ° VR videos

Place up to 20 cameras in your 3D scene and export your videos up to 4K, for standard screen or 360 ° VR format in a few minutes.

How to purchase Virdys Animate?

Virdys Animate is marketed under an annual license.
Contact us for more information.

System configuration

Minimum configuration: PC or Mac, Windows 8/10 or Mac OS 10.10.5, Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD, 8 Gb of RAM, dedicated graphics card with 1 Gb of RAM (GTX 780 or AMD Radeon R9), Internet : ADSL (20mbit / s) or higher.

They use Virdys Animate


“ Virdys Animate has several competitive advantages, the first of them is its speed of execution. It is therefore particularly suitable for rapid video editing. In two hours, we can start to set up a scene. And in two days, get a full video. Virdys Animate has two other competitive advantages: on the one hand, its library is not closed. It can import and use a multitude of 3D objects available on the market. On the other hand, if Virdys Animate is enough to finalize a film, it can also be considered as a tool for creating scenes that can be exported to dedicated post-production software. – CGI

Product demo

Virdys sets up demonstration sessions of Virdys Animate .
Please request an appointment with an advisor by email at or by phone at +33 (0) 980 691 691

Virdys Suite - Solutions 3D immersives en réalité virtuelle et augmentée de création et diffusion de contenus

Virdys Collaborate is part of the Virdys Suite , a 3D software suite for the creation and distribution of immersive content in virtual and augmented reality.

Virdys Animate

immersive 3D content
creation software

Virdys Scenarize

interactive 360 video
creation software

Virdys Collaborate - Showroom immersif et collaboratif

and immersive showroom