Virdys Collaborate - Showroom immersif et collaboratif

Immersive and collaborative virtual showroom

Virdys Collaborate is a cross-platform virtual collaboration solution that transcends communication, education and training with immersive technologies.

Virdys Collaborate - Showroom immersif et collaboratif

Real-time collaborative workspaces for 3D manipulation

With Virdys Collaborate invite your customers, prospects and collaborators, in an immersive virtual showroom to show your products and services. Collaborate in real time and overcome borders by presenting your know-how and organizing face-to-face or distance meetings!


Fully customizable showrooms


Collaborative meetings face-toface or remotely


Tools for missions planning and consulting documentary repositories

Collaborative spaces for what uses?


Face-to-face or remotely, Virdys Collaborate promotes learning through the distribution of immersive training modules adapted to each learner (interactive 360 ° videos, manipulation of 3D objects, collaborative workshops, multiple choice questions) and allows you to train your teams on themes and very broad levels of expertise.


Take your meetings, conferences, events and webinars to the next level! Virdys Collaborate has been designed to allow you to communicate and collaborate in real time around the world, transparently and intuitively in a secure, customizable, immersive and engaging 3D environment!


Virdys Collaborate allows you to experiment and adopt realistic behaviors including in dangerous situations or impossible to experiment in real conditions without human or material risk. Group exchanges are encouraged, your teams will be able to cope with crisis situations and improve their coordination.


Stage and present your know-how in an unforgettable way to convince your customers. Place your prospects at the heart of an immersive virtual experience allowing them to interact more intuitively with your products and services. Increase the impact of your demos and boost your sales!
Virdys Collaborate - Collaboration à plusieurs en temps réel

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate in real time, broadcast your multimedia content, your interactive videos, your environments, objects and 3D animations and offer your employees, prospects and customers an unforgettable immersive experience.

Instant text messaging

Public and private audio chat

Screen sharing

Customizable 3D avatars

Free movement and teleportation

Distribution of interactive content (360 ° videos, 3D objects, video streams)

Virdys Collaborate manipulation objets et animations 3D

Manipulation of interactive 3D objects

Discuss with your employees, share and manipulate your 3D objects and animations in real time.

Interactive models

Exploded views of animated products

Assembly / disassembly instructions

Maintenance and commissioning procedures

Immersive training exercises

Virdys Collaborate environnements virtuels 3D personnalisables

Fully customizable environments

Take advantage of a catalog of ready-to-use customizable environments (design office, training room, conference room, showroom, etc.). Create and import new custom 3D environments independently or on order from the Virdys studio.

Catalog of customizable immersive environments

You can import your 3D environments (Virdys ATL / Animate)

virdys collaborate video 360 interactive serious game qcm

Host and distribute your content

The  Cloud Manager  is the online storage space for  customer content : images, 2D and / or 360 ° VR videos, 3D objects, Virdys Animate  scenes  Virdys Scenarize projects This content, once uploaded, will be usable and displayable in the different rooms that make up a Virdys Collaborate session.

2D or 360 ° photos and videos

PDF documents

3D objects and environments (Virdys ATL)

360 ° interactive videos / MCQ (Virdys Scenarize)

Real-time 3D projects and animations (Virdys Animate)

Virdys Collaborate back office administration contenus et rôles utilisateurs

Management of access rights and roles

Within a session, there are 3 levels of access to well-defined roles (actor, moderator, spectator). The allocation of access and roles for each session is done via the Virdys Manage online administration interface (back office).

User and role access management

Session and content management

Virdys Collaborate multiplatform immersive and collaborative virtual showroom

Virdys Collaborate is multiplatform

Ready for PC and MACVirdys Collaborate is also available online and VR Ready with Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Samsung Gear and HTC Vive headsets.

How to purchase Virdys Collaborate ?

Virdys Collaborate is marketed under an annual license.
Contact us for more information.

System configuration

Minimum requirements: Mac OS 10.11 or Windows 10 64 bit, Intel Core 2 duo processor (2.2 Ghz) or AMD Athlon 64 X2 (2.6 Ghz), GTX 670 2go graphics card or AMD R9 280, 4 Gb Ram, Keyboard and mouse required, 2 Gb of available disk space (+ additional space for the cache), 20 Mb broadband internet connection.

Compatible with HTC-Vive VR headsets (windows 10 64 bit, intel i5 4590, GTX 970 or AMD Fury), Oculus Quest, Oculus Go and Gear VR (Galaxy Note 8, Android 8.1), 2 Gb of available disk space ( + additional space for the cache), 20 Mb broadband internet connection.

They use Virdys Collaborate

“Thanks to the Virdys suite, we can integrate into a 3D environment real situations with which learners will be confronted, putting them in real working conditions: they wonder, make decisions together as in reality. In addition, they have a range of collaborative tools that eliminate the isolation inherent in virtual worlds: they are put in a situation, with other learners, having the impression of evolving in the real world. ”

Product demo

Virdys sets up demonstration sessions of Virdys Collaborate .
Please request an appointment with an advisor by email at or by phone at +33 (0) 980 691 691

virdys demo virtual showroom

Visit our online virtual demo showroom!

Visit our virtual 3D online demonstration showroom directly in your web browser and get to know the Virdys software suite and our services!

Virdys Suite - Solutions 3D immersives en réalité virtuelle et augmentée de création et diffusion de contenus

Virdys Collaborate is part of the Virdys Suite , a 3D software suite for the creation and distribution of immersive content in virtual and augmented reality.

Virdys Animate

immersive 3D content
creation software

Virdys Scenarize

interactive 360 video
creation software

Virdys Collaborate - Showroom immersif et collaboratif

and immersive showroom