solutions 3D immersives pour la défense et la sécurité

Immersive 3D solutions in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Defense and Security.

Virdys Studio de développement de logiciels 3D pour la Réalité Augmentée et la Réalité Virtuelle

Facilitate the creation and transmission of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality information for defense and security.

Briefing / debriefing, RETEX, acquisition of gestures and procedures, operating procedures, training, assembly / disassembly operations … The theaters of operation in which you work are extremely varied. Under intense stress, your men are required to handle increasingly complex and expensive equipment, with employment doctrines depending on the nature of each operation. Asymmetrical power struggles and global media pressure allow no mistakes.

To help you, Virdys has built solutions adapted to your constraints. Thanks to our Virdys Suite software suite, you can create, script and broadcast your immersive and interactive 3D content (3D objects, 3D environments, interactive 360° training videos, MCQs, Serious Games), promoting the acquisition of elementary gestures and procedures, according to a multitude of scenarios and theaters of operation …

Briefing retex de mission en réalité virtuelle

Mission briefing
& Experience feedback

An operation must be prepared. Increase the quality of your briefings by presenting the different scenarios in 3D, in a standard or 360 ° format. Immerse yourself in the environment and rehearse before. With the Virdys suite, recreate the course of an operation as closely as possible. You can then highlight the tactical errors of the personnel involved. Immersively and collaboratively reconstruct and relive the operation with a first-person view.

Formation et entraînement immersif en réalité virtuelle pour la défense et la sécurité

Education and Training

Your equipment is expensive and specialized. Your men must react quickly, under pressure, with discernment. Thanks to the Virdys suite, create, script and distribute immersive and collaborative training and training modules promoting the assimilation of reactions according to a multitude of scenarios, on different terrains and weather conditions.

Salle de Gestion de Crise Virtuelle et centre de commandement pour la défense et la sécurité

Crisis cell
& Command room

Easily defuse a crisis or conduct a complex negotiation. Immersive tools are created for efficient and instant use. The mere presence of a terminal (PC / VR) and an internet connection are sufficient to join, at any time, a meeting in an agreed virtual space.

Virdys Collaborate maintenance en condition opérationnelle vue éclatée moteur 3D meeting virtuel bureau étude

in Operational Condition

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality allow logistics teams to better train, train and be assisted in the field. Understanding maintenance interventions is more effective than with documents, photos or diagrams from different sources. Learning about the work to be done is more fluid, maintenance training is facilitated. VR and AR are logical complements to a good level of maintenance methods.

Espace de travail virtuel collaboratif défense sécurité

Immersive and collaborative virtual showrooms

Different meeting rooms create different atmospheres that adapt to the content of your meetings. A showroom ensures a valued presentation of your products. A round table brings together the various stakeholders in a more confidential context conducive to the search for solutions. An industrialized outdoor space can also allow concrete demonstrations of equipment.


Reduced operational costs

Immersive learning allows a significant reduction in operational costs (travel costs, material, installation). Remote assistance and operational readiness are deployed in real time and remotely.


Virtual Reality makes it possible to reproduce any type of dangerous or difficult scenario without material or human risk.


The learner experiences real situations: he is active, autonomous, and adopts realistic behaviors. Learning and information retention is accelerated, engagement is maximized, distraction is reduced, and focus is increased.

Accessibility and flexibility

Training can be taken remotely or at the place of intervention at any time. No need to travel, you optimize your time and reduce travel and logistics costs.

Adaptive learning

The teacher organizes human resources and learning materials according to the unique needs of each learner.

Team work

The teacher places his learners in an operational situation. Group exchanges are encouraged, the team faces crisis situations and improves its coordination.

Real time monitoring

The teacher can follow and analyze the course and the results of the learners. He knows where and how mistakes were made and can correct them with each learner.

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