ES3D, a 3D animation creation software… Discover, step by step, its many functions.
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1st step : Set the scene location

ES3D allows you to easily create or reconstruct the setting of your animation. The software has a library of environments and animatable objects that won’t cease to amaze. You will have the choice between a multitude “landscapes”: urban (cities, streets, towers, metro stations, train stations, airports, highways…), rural (country sides, villages…) or nature (mountains, sea, canyons, valleys…).

Our environment editor allows you to modify the chosen topography and, if necessary, add/edit infrastructure elements (street, building, lighting…) and ready-to-use decoration (bushes, trees, rocks, urban items…)…All with only a few clicks of your mouse.

You can equally apply a 360° photosphere of your choosing, in order to amplify the realism of the scene. It reproduces exactly the distant horizon of the filming location.

2nd step : Create the ambiance of the scene

With ES3D, you can define your weather (sun, rain, fog, snow, sandstorm…) and regulate the ambient shadowing (power and direction of sunlight). This allows you to recreate the climatic and lighting conditions of the month, day, and hour, where the event took place as closely as possible.

Also, you can insert direct lighting (lamps, streetlights) and/or indirect (luminosity of a PC screen, an explosion, a fire…), to highlight key moments or gestures of your film in high render quality.

The rule is immutable: 20% of the impact of a video depends exclusively on the work done on the quality of the shadows and the lights, which ES3D allows.

3rd step : Set the stage

Now that the environment and ambiance is set, select and position the objects you need, starting with the protagonists. ES3D allows you to personalize everything: clothes, colors, equipment, vehicles, aircrafts which will play a role… By default, each animatable object is already on scale with the scene. It can quickly be duplicated, enlarged or reduced. Cinematic and meteorological special effects can also be added.

4th step : Create action

Once all the are elements place, the moment comes to give life to the sequence. ES3D has a multi-timeline to coordinate independent actions that take place simultaneously at different locations on the scene. For each of them, “pair” your objects (for example, a man and a gun) to animate them together later. Define the trajectories (appearances, disappearances, movements, rotations …). Sequence them by synchronizing the trajectories to the gestures associated with each object / group of objects. In ES3D, you have a fine management of the rhythm: delays, direct sequences, progressive transitions … The software automatically manages the effects of physics (gravity, the impact of moving an object on others).

5th step : Place the cameras 

Like benefiting from the means of the biggest studios, you can position up to 20 virtual cameras at your shooting scene. The seven degrees of freedom of each camera are configurable: positioning (shot sequence, tracking, panoramic movement, fixed shot, movements with steady cam …); the 3D orientation (high angle, low angle); the focal length (zoom, directional blur, depth of field …). Specific filters (night vision …) can be used. Each camera placed produces its own 3D video rush.

6th step : Generate your 3D video rushes

After having previewed the rushes of each camera and selecting the ones you want, choose the type of video you want to produce (classic, 360 °), resolution (HD, full HD, 4K …) and the framerate (number of images / second). Finally launch the compilation of your film. Once done, ES3D allows you to embed texts and soundtracks (music, sounds, dialogs …). The post-production of the video will be carried out by a standard market software. Thanks to ES3D, you will be able to show what was, until then, impossible. Put an end to the never-seen.