Digitalisez votre industrie avec nos solutions 3D en Réalité Virtuelle et Réalité Augmentée.

Digitize your industry with our 3D Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions.

Virdys Studio de développement de logiciels 3D pour la Réalité Augmentée et la Réalité Virtuelle

Make the creation and diffusion of information for manufacturers easier

Virdys ™ is revolutionizing learning methods, by making 3D more accessible to manufacturers. Thanks to our interactive and immersive solutions, your teams will better and faster assimilate your messages, instructions and procedures. Your training sessions will be more effective. Expand your communication and training materials with 3D animations, immersive or not, easily achievable in less than a few hours. Effectively transmit safety instructions to your teams and promote their learning (assembly instructions, explanations of operating procedures, etc.). Immerse your prospects in a virtual environment where the detailed presentation of your products and services will only convince them. Come together in a virtual but concrete universe. Brief, discuss an urgent or sensitive subject with the people concerned all over the world.

Education and training

3D is the best for learning, bringing immersion, visual impact and interactivity. It allows learners to train in the right gestures, even in situations impossible to experience other than in virtual reality. Thanks to our Virdys Suite software, you can create, script and distribute your immersive content in complete autonomy (3D objects and environments, interactive 360 ° videos, MCQ, Serious Games). Remember: humans remember 10% of what they read, 50% of what they see, 80% of what they see!

  • Reduction of maintenance costs and accidents
  • Accelerated knowledge capture and transfer
  • Learning adapted to each profession and learner
  • Real-time evaluation and monitoring

Assembly instructions

Flexible and precise, the 3D assembly instructions certainly have more impact than the paper instructions. Today, many companies want to offer better service and modernize their format. Reduce assembly errors and do away with translations of technical manuals. The 3D visualization effectively shows the implementation of your products and allows you to better understand their operation, thanks to clear and concrete scenarios.

  • Facilitates understanding of operations
  • Reduction of assembly errors
  • Quick to produce and evolve

Risk prevention

In France, construction is one of the sectors of activity with the highest number of accidents (86,886 in 2017). The main causes are: manual handling (48.5%), falls from heights (17.1%), hand tools (14.9%), falls from the same level (13.8%) and road risk (1.6%). There are more and more occupational diseases. It is more than ever necessary to sensitize and effectively train your teams on the risks involved in order to adopt good practices and limit accidents.

  • Facilitate the adoption of safety instructions
  • Transmit measures adapted to each profession
  • Limit risks (human, material)

Virtual Showrooms
& Collaborative workspaces

A showroom ensures a valued presentation of your products, services and know-how. Different meeting rooms create different atmospheres that adapt to the content of your meetings. A round table brings together the various stakeholders in a more confidential context conducive to the search for solutions. An industrialized outdoor space can also allow concrete demonstrations of equipment. Our immersive workspaces promote collaboration and exchanges around your documents, the visualization and interaction of your 3D animated models, virtual tours of your factories and projects.

  • Showroom, product catalog, point of sale
  • Product presentation, interactive catalog
  • Virtual tours, interactive visualization (scale 1: 1)

Promotional & technical videos

Who is your business? What are its products, its values? The production of a promotional video is today an essential axis of the marketing action of a brand or a company, it helps to create an image, a memory in the viewer and the future user.

A technical 3D video reproduces the operation of a device in 3D to explain its operation and advantages. Animations can also be used to detail parts not visible to users.

  • Promote a product or know-how
  • Boost your visibility and conversion rate
  • Boost your marketing


Reduced operational costs

Immersive learning allows a significant reduction in operational costs (travel costs, material, installation). Remote assistance and operational readiness are deployed in real time and remotely.


Virtual Reality makes it possible to reproduce any type of dangerous or difficult scenario without material or human risk.


The learner experiences real situations: he is active, autonomous, and adopts realistic behaviors. Learning and information retention is accelerated, engagement is maximized, distraction is reduced, and focus is increased.

Accessibility and flexibility

Training can be taken remotely or at the place of intervention at any time. No need to travel, you optimize your time and reduce travel and logistics costs.

Adaptive Learning

The teacher organizes human resources and learning materials according to the unique needs of each learner.

Team work

The teacher places his learners in an operational situation. Group exchanges are encouraged, the team faces crisis situations and improves its coordination.

Real time monitoring

The teacher can follow and analyze the course and the results of the learners. He knows where and how mistakes were made and can correct them with each learner.

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