Virdys Scenarize

Interactive 360° video editor

Virdys Scenarize is a powerful and intuitive online application to easily create interactive and immersive training modules for mobile, web and Virtual Reality!

Virdys Scenarize

Creation and dissemination of business intervention procedures at the intervention site

Virdys Scenarize is an online editor for creating enriched interactive videos that allows you to build document catalogs with right management for real-time consultation in standard or immersive 360 ​​format. Educational vector promoting the acquisition of knowledge, interactive media places the learner at the heart of the learning process and confronts them with choices that influence their journey.

Virdys Scenarize responds to the major challenges of training


Create engagement with the learner, through interactivity and immersive media.


Put the skills and attitudes into practice (pedagogy by error).


Certify learners based on individual quantitative data.

How does it work ?


the decision tree


interactive elements





virdys scenarize editeur interactivite enedis

Add interactivity to your videos

  • Creation of decision trees
  • Media association to slides
  • Adding questions
  • Adding content interactivity
virdys scenarize questionnaire

Create your questionnaires

  • Entry of questions and indications
  • Entering possible answers
  • Weighting of results (bonus / penalty)
virdys scenarize personnalisation catalogue

Broadcast your content in real time

  • Catalog customization
  • Interactive videos selection
  • Questions selection
  • Target users selection
  • Creation of business groups
virdys scenarize analytics

Analyze the results and certify

  • Display of results by user or by business group for performance study

How to purchase Virdys Scenarize?

Virdys Scenarize is composed of an “ Publisher ” license and “ Player ” access tokens

virdys scenarize editeur

The “ Publisher  ” License  includes:

Unlimited use of Virdys Scenarize
Editor Storage capacity up to 10 GB in the Customer Area
Updates to the Virdys Scenarize solution

virdys scenarize player

The ” Player ” license  requires:

1 access token / device / content catalog

System configuration

Virdys Scenarize
« Publisher »

Virdys Scenarize
« Player »

Minimum requirements: OS Windows 10 (64 bit) or Mac OS 10.11 or Android 5.1 and higher, Intel Core 2 duo 2.2 GHz or equivalent AMD or Qualcomm 800 series, 4GB of RAM, Integrated graphics card, 4 Gb disk space available (about 10 projects), 10 Mb broadband internet connection

They use Virdys Scenarize


“We made the innovative choice to use interactive 3D video to transmit extremely complex and sometimes austere notes. The tool developed by Virdys has aroused interest and expectation from users. The results are interesting and potentially open up a much wider field of achievement. ” – GRDF

Product demo

Virdys sets up demonstration sessions of Virdys Scenarize.
Please request an appointment with an advisor by email at or by phone at +33 (0) 980 691 691

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