Réalité Augmentée 3D

Creation of 3D Augmented Reality content and applications

Virdys Studio specializes in the creation of custom 3D Augmented Reality content and applications.

Do you dream of bringing any medium to life, be it an image, fabric or an object? So go for Augmented Reality! Virdys provides its expertise to advise you and create the Augmented Reality application that best meets your needs. Augmented Reality requires the use of a device with an integrated camera: smartphone, tablet, computer, connected glasses … just open the application and point the camera at the dedicated object, to see it appear on the screen 3D objects and animations of all kinds with which you can interact. Augmented Reality has the power to enrich reality with endless possibilities and responds to various needs: marketing, commercial and industrial.


Communication / Marketing


Sales / E-commerce


Industry / Training

réalité augmentée 3D communication marketing

Communication / Marketing

  • Offer a new user experience to your audience.
  • Enrich your communication and packaging media!
  • Strengthen your brand image and your notoriety in the market.
  • Innovative, fun, attractive and interactive communication tool!
réalité augmentée 3D vente e-commerce

Sales / E-commerce

  • Conceptualize and put your products in situation in any type of environment.
  • Improve in-store experiences and stand out at events.
  • Increase the buying intention of your customers.
réalité augmentée 3D maintenance industrielle formation

Industry / Training

  • Assist the technicians in their work (intelligent tutor, increased assistance).
  • Save time and efficiency in maintenance, security or processes.
  • Greater assurance and greater security for operators.

Hololens Mixed Reality

Harness the full potential of Mixed Reality on Hololens with Virdys. Offer your people solutions that make it possible to learn, communicate and collaborate more effectively.

  • Work together, wherever you are.
  • Train your employees by doing.
  • Arrange and share your virtual spaces.
  • Personalize and present your products.

Some numbers


clicks with conversion after presentation of the product in AR


time savings on maintenance operations


reduction in the duration of technical training


Information retention multiplied by 2

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