réalité virtuelle 3D

Creation of experiences and applications in 3D Virtual Reality

Virdys Studio specializes in creating custom 3D Virtual Reality experiences and applications.

Imagine transported to another world in a few seconds, you put a helmet on your head and you are totally immersed in another dimension: the Virtual reality ! Totally immersive and experiential, the Virtual Reality becomes a considerable ally when it comes to developing new promotional toolsand generate interest, seduce or even convince.

3D Virtual Reality has many uses (architecture, real estate, tourism, industries, training, education, events, consumer brands, health and laboratories, communities and institutions, etc.) and can affect all types of public: professionals, customers or general public.


Develop your
brand image


your employees


Engage and entertain
your audience


Promote your products
and your know-how

réalité virtuelle 3D formation entrainement

Education and training

Examples of uses: firefighter training, surgical training, training in driving machines. Virtual Reality brings high added value in the aerospace industry, defense, security, energy, medical, marine, maintenance, construction, transport and logistics.

  • Reduce the cost of training by up to 99% with immersive learning environments to replace or supplement traditional training solutions

  • Increase training speed and reduce skill acquisition time for learners.
  • Virtual Reality makes it possible to reproduce any type of dangerous or difficult scenario without material or human risk.
  • Increase learner engagement and involvement.
réalité virtuelle 3D marketing produit showroom vente

Product Marketing / Showrooms / Sales

Some examples of uses: automobile exhibition stands, travel reservations, sale of architectural projects to clients and stakeholders. Examples of sectors of activity concerned: automotive, tourism, consumer goods, architecture, interior design, etc.

  • Increase your conversion rate with a personalized shopping experience.
  • Reduce inventory and shipping costs by replacing physical storefront products with digital equivalents.

  • Stand out from the competition: bring your products and know-how to life more effectively than a brochure or a 2D image!

  • Facilitate decision-making and present your projects through realistic 3D models or interactive digital twins (example: architecture, construction, engineering, shipbuilding).

réalité virtuelle 3D télétravail collaboratif meeting virtuel

Collaborative work / Virtual meetings

Examples of uses: remote training of pilots or operators, remote maintenance, design reviews, virtual meetings. All sectors of activity can be concerned.

  • Increased efficiency and savings through reduced travel time and expense.

  • Several people can work simultaneously on the same 3D object, digital document or training scenario with a shared understanding and experience.

  • Organize meetings and immersive work sessions where 2D documents and 3D objects can be easily shared and presented to all participants.

Some numbers


productivity gain


reduction of accidents and injuries


information retention rate


of employees prefer to learn in VR

Virdys Collaborate multiplatform immersive and collaborative virtual showroom


Virdys Collaborate - Immersive and collaborative showroom

Discover Virdys Collaborate, our collaborative and immersive virtual platform dedicated to communication, training and training. Collaborate in real time, anywhere, anytime! Broadcast your multimedia content, your interactive videos, your environments, 3D objects and animations and offer your employees, prospects and customers an unforgettable immersive experience!

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