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Immersive VR training

Virdys is revolutionizing the transmission of information with immersive learning to get your teams up and running faster!

The training evolves, the trainer must adapt and equip himself with tools for creating effective educational content to transmit, learn, improve and succeed. Virdys Studio realizes or supports you in the design of interactive, immersive and collaborative e-learning modules adapted to the educational objectives of your learners.

3D is the best for learning, bringing immersion, visual impact and interactivity. It allows learners to train in the right gestures, even in situations impossible to experience other than in virtual reality. Thanks to our Virdys Suitesoftware, you can create, script and distribute your immersive content in complete autonomy (3D objects and environments, interactive 360 ° videos, MCQ, Serious Games). Remember: humans remember on average 10% of what they read, 50% of what they see, 80% of what they see!


Reduction of maintenance costs and accidents


Accelerated knowledge capture and transfer


Adapted to each profession and learner


Real-time assessment and monitoring

elearning support de cours théorique interactif 3D

Create and manage your immersive and interactive 3D / 360 ° content

We support you in the realization of your immersive and interactive content (visuals, interactive 3D / 360 ° videos) and the implementation of your training catalog in order toimmerse, capture the attention, improve the memorization of your learners and the help to enter training more easily.

  • Create and modify your training content simply and quickly
  • Boost your training materials
  • Capture and engage your audience
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Evaluate and certify your learners

Easily carry out your interactive quizzes / MCQs on any type of topic in order to test and validate the knowledge acquired by your learners, immediately analyze their results in order to adapt your objectives.

  • Remote assessment
  • Quick writing and validation of questions
  • Measurement of the quality and effectiveness of training
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Put your learners in a situation

Train your learners and validate their skills through immersive simulation so that they are prepared and responsive to face all situations. Virdys Studio supports you in the realization of yourserious games in virtual reality.

  • Realistic scenarios and environments
  • Training without material or human risk
  • Immersive, interactive and experiential training
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Immersive training to face all situations

Virtual Reality allows a professional setting in a simple and secure way for a more effective training. The fields of application are very numerous.

  • Sales / Customer relationship
  • Safety / Risk prevention
  • Industry
  • Management / Human Resources
  • Health
  • Etc.
Enedis réagir en cas d'accident de la route vidéo 360° interactive Réalité Virtuelle Showroom

Our features make the difference

  • Quick and easy 3D content creation tools
  • Creation of 3D / 360 ° immersive environments
  • Creation of interactive 360 ° scenarios and videos
  • Creation of evaluation exercises (Quiz / MCQ)
  • Management of your media (documents, videos, images)
  • Creation of training catalogs with rights management
  • Multiplatform delivery (web, mobile, pc / mac, VR)
  • Handling of models and interactive 3D objects
  • Real-time collaboration VR platform
  • Addition of functionalities on demand …


Reduced operational costs

Immersive learning allows a significant reduction in operational costs (travel costs, material, installation). Remote assistance and operational readiness are deployed in real time and remotely.


Virtual Reality makes it possible to reproduce any type of dangerous or difficult scenario without material or human risk.

Real situations

The learner experiences real situations: he is active, autonomous, and adopts realistic behaviors. Learning and information retention is accelerated, engagement is maximized, distraction is reduced, and focus is increased.

Accessibility and flexibility

Training can be taken remotely or at the place of intervention at any time. No need to travel, you optimize your time and reduce travel and logistics costs.

Adaptive learning

The teacher organizes human resources and learning materials according to the unique needs of each learner.

Team work

The teacher places his learners in an operational situation. Group exchanges are encouraged, the team faces crisis situations and improves its coordination.

Real time monitoring

The teacher can follow and analyze the course and the results of the learners. He knows where and how mistakes were made and can correct them with each learner.

Some numbers


information retention


reduction of accidents and injuries


of employees prefer to learn in VR

Virdys Suite - Solutions 3D immersives en réalité virtuelle et augmentée de création et diffusion de contenus

Discover the Virdys Suite, a suite of solutions for the creation and distribution of immersive Virtual Reality content for training and communication.

Virdys Animate

immersive 3D content
creation software

Virdys Scenarize

interactive 360 video
creation software

Virdys Collaborate - Showroom immersif et collaboratif

Immersive and
collaborative showroom

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